Pregnancy - Crisp Information On Trimesters


Happiness, Patience, Excitement, Pride, Adjustment and Lovely Pain are the words that can be used to describe how a pregnant woman feels. Though her pain is unbearable during her delivery, though she faces a lot of uneasiness, though she finds a lot of changes in her body, she never calls it a burden to carry her baby on her tummy.

The lovely kicks tickle and the movement of the baby inside her womb makes her forget all the pain she overcomes during the three semesters. Yes, all the three semesters and all the nine month’s pain goes in a jiffy as soon as she hears her baby’s first cry. The three semesters explain the world about a woman’s patience. Each woman feels differently during her pregnancy. Here is crisp information about what the three semesters are all about for her.


The first week through the thirteenth week comes under this semester. This is the time when the pregnant woman needs to be more careful. A woman may not look pregnant during this semester but a lot of changes happen internally. Baby’s organ developments happen in this stage.

Though her body does not show off her fat tummy, she starts to feel various symptoms like nausea, frequent urination, breast tenderness and fatigue.  Each and every woman is different and each feels it a different way. There are also women who do not face these symptoms.



Apart from the above symptoms, one may also face bleeding or spotting during their first trimester. Vaginal bleeding is common during pregnancy. Implantation bleeding occurs even before a woman knows that she is pregnant. Usually, the bleeding during implantation is light.  Visit can you get pregnant from precum .com” to know more about implantation bleeding.

There can also be various other causes for bleeding such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and threatened miscarriage. So, be careful during this trimester.



This semester includes from 14 to 27 weeks of pregnancy. The uterus grows in size rapidly and it is time to purchase your maternity clothes. Baby shows its movement for the first time during this semester. This can be called as the golden period during pregnancy. The fatigue and nausea feelings get reduced and one may get good sleep during this period.

New symptoms prevail during this semester such as back pain, cramps, heart burn, nasal congestion, and constipation.  One may have to undergo various tests during this period. Gestational diabetes can be deducted during this period.

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It is important to eat healthy and nutritious food during this period. And, it is also important to put on weight but not too much of weight. Walking and simple exercise on the advice of the physician will ease the uneasiness. Enjoy the first movement of the baby and get good sleep during this period.


This covers the 28th week of baby’s development inside the womb till the baby is delivered. The golden period where the mom to be had enough sleep comes to an end. This period is when one had to give a frequent visit to the doctor. Baby is monitored closely and the position of the baby is noticed keenly.

The uterus must have grown in size and causes uneasiness. Pregnant lady will generally feel uncomfortable during this period. General symptoms faced by a pregnant woman during this period is the urinary incontinence, breath shortness, varicose veins and of course the problem in sleeping.

This period is when everybody in the family becomes anxious to see the new born as the estimated date of delivery nears.

A full pregnancy or the total 40-week pregnancy can be divided into three semesters. Sometimes women deliver the baby in 37 weeks and the delivery can also be extended up to 42 weeks. When the baby is delivered before 37 weeks, it is called as a premature baby. The premature baby faces many developmental and growth issues.

Conclusion:  Pregnancy is a beautiful experience which can only be felt by a woman. Though she experiences a lot of discomforts, though she undergoes a lot of pain during her semesters, she forgets everything when her beautiful baby is delivered.

 She is even ready to give her life to let her baby start the new life. It can also be called as a new birth to all the moms after she delivers the baby.